Company Photo 4-2


David Alexander

Ext. 239

Debbie Alexander

Business & Human Resources Manager
Ext. 229

Chad Jack

Vice President
Ext. 234

Justine Anderson

Regional Manager
Ext. 248

Mark Spence

Director of Operations
Ext. 231

Tim Coldren

Environmental Project Manager
Ext. 230

Adam Sankey

Safety Program Manager
Ext. 241

Jennifer Lathrop

SARA and SDS Program Manager
Ext. 238

Carol Goodwill

Senior SDS Technical Specialist
Ext. 228

Amanda Deane

SDS Technical Specialist
Ext. 206

Edward Zarger

Senior SARA Technical Specialist
Ext. 233

David Wetmore

SARA Technical Specialist
Ext. 223

Kristen Willis

Project Manager
Ext. 244