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Employee Safety Training Near Erie, PA

AG Aegis offers numerous OSHA-required safety training for businesses located in northwestern Pennsylvania. In some cases, this training may not be required but could earn your business an insurance discount. If you are an HR representative, production manager, or plant manager searching for industry-specific safety training for a group of employees or less, Aegis can help. We offer training to groups of about 30 or less at a time. A handful of these trainings, such as Hearing Conservation and Affected Lockout/Tagout, are also available online. For more information, visit our dedicated Online Training page or contact AG Aegis today to schedule a training session.


Personal Protective Equipment

The personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to your profession varies depending on the operations being performed and the materials being used. From hearing protection to specialty gloves, AG Aegis can help you determine the necessary equipment to use when dealing with any given hazard, as well as training your employees how to use (and clean) this equipment properly. There is only so much a hard hat or steel toe boots can protect you from, and that is where we come in.

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Fire Protection

A part of Emergency Evacuation, some businesses may require more specified Fire Protection training due to the hazardous materials they work with (including flammable chemicals). AG Aegis offers thorough Fire Protection training tailored to your environment and operations.

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Emergency Evacuation

Emergency Evacuation can refer to several scenarios: tornadoes, floods, spills, and even machine breakdown. AG Aegis’ Emergency Evacuation training helps you determine how to properly handle these situations and where to go if such an event were to happen. It is likely you already have a plan in place for many emergencies, and we can help you better communicate those plans with your staff to ensure success.

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Confined Spaces

Confined Spaces, such as sewers or silos, are defined as spaces with one entry and one exit. These spaces can be dangerous for many reasons, including hazardous chemicals, gasses, and commonly, a lack of oxygen. AG Aegis offers Confined Spaces training that helps you identify potential hazards and the equipment necessary to deal with those hazards before entering a confined space in your environment. We can also help you file the proper permits and documentation detailing when employees enter a confined space, when they exit, and whether they are able to remove the hazard.

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Asbestos Awareness

From ground crew to maintenance, Asbestos Awareness offers training to anyone with a chance of interacting with asbestos on-site. Asbestos removal is an involved process that can include replacing full walls and floor tiling, not to mention the paperwork that comes along with it. AG Aegis can help you properly notify the state before the removal of asbestos through the submission of notification letters and even assist with final clearance testing.

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Back Injury Prevention

An extension of ergonomics, Back Injury Prevention is focused on preventing back strains that can commonly occur due to improper form. This training teaches employees proper lifting procedures and strategies in order to avoid these injuries.

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Bloodborne Pathogens

While Bloodborne Pathogen training is not required in every workplace, it is required for any employee expected to work with or clean up blood that is not their own. It is just as important to notify employees that anyone without this training cannot interact with these situations. Our Bloodborne Pathogens training helps your employees learn how to properly handle the blood of others without risking transmission of diseases.

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CPR, First-Aid, and AED

AG Aegis offers American Red Cross CPR and First Aid training courses that teach employees how and when to use an automated external defibrillator (AED), CPR, and other first-aid procedures. Due to the critical nature of this hands-on training, it is currently limited to eight employees at a time. Certificates are offered for this training.

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Crane, Chain, and Sling

Before using overhead cranes, chains, and slings in your facility, it is crucial to inspect the condition of this equipment to avoid injuries. Crane, Chain, and Sling training teaches employees detailed information about the equipment they are using and proper techniques when using it, including how much it is capable of lifting and how to ensure your surroundings are safe during operation.

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Ergonomics refers to efficiency in a person’s working environment. There are a lot of moving parts that factor into ergonomics, and AG Aegis can train your employees to always give their best without straining their eyes or other muscles. This training puts forward best practices for lighting, posture, and more.

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Fall Protection

Fall Protection training prepares your employees to prevent falls and accidents when working at a height equal to or above four feet off the ground. This may require special equipment or processes, such as being tied off, wearing a harness, and ensuring that the equipment being used is the proper length to protect the employee. AG Aegis can help your employees understand these risks and the proper steps to take to prevent dangerous falls.

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Hazard Communication

Similar to Bloodborne Pathogens training, Hazard Communication is critical for any employee dealing with hazardous chemicals. It will be their responsibility to know what to do (and just as importantly, what not to do) when handling these materials. AG Aegis will help you communicate these integral responsibilities to your team.

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Machine Guarding

Not unlike Affected Lockout/Tagout, Machine Guarding training is customized to the machines your facility uses and the employees that will be using them. Potential hazards are common with older machines, regardless of how often they are used and if they are already guarded. AG Aegis’ Machine Guarding training can help you identify potential hazards when working with these machines as well as anything that may be missing in regards to OSHA.

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Powered Industrial Truck (Forklift) Training

While Forklift Training is the most common application of our Powered Industrial Trucks training, it can be used for any type of motorized vehicle or lift, including shop carts, aerial lifts, and more. Certificates are offered for forklift training.

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RCRA Hazardous Waste Handling

All hazardous (and non-hazardous) waste is handled under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. However, the way this waste is categorized and handled largely depends on how much of it your facility produces on a yearly basis. AG Aegis’ RCRA Hazardous Waste Handling training teaches proper management of this waste to the employees that work with it day-in, day-out.

RCRA Hazardous Waste Handling example application

Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection is critical anytime an employee or employees are exposed to lead or other carcinogens on a work site. AG Aegis’ Respiratory Protection training teaches employees that are required to wear a respirator how to ensure it is properly fit to their face, as well as the different kinds of respirators and cartridges used for various hazards as determined in your company’s respirator plan. For many companies, this training is required annually.

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Scaffolding Safety

Scaffolding is a unique type of temporary structure used to assist with the construction, maintenance, and repair of larger structures, such as buildings and bridges. As such, it is important to know how to set up and navigate scaffolding safely and properly. AG Aegis’ Scaffold Safety training teaches employees about the dangers often associated with scaffolding and how to avoid them.

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Welding, Cutting, and Brazing

Processes such as Welding, Cutting, and Brazing are used in a wide variety of operations spanning industries. How these processes unfold and the hazards they present largely depend upon your specific operations and the materials being used. In addition to discussing proper protection methods and the PPE that may be necessary for a certain job, AG Aegis trains your employees about specific thresholds regarding the materials they are exposed to.

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