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AG Aegis, your Resource for Environmental and Safety Management Services.

Establishing a safe and healthy working environment can be a daunting task. That’s why it’s important to know the right people who can help navigate the regulations and compliance issues that go hand-in-hand with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Environmental Protection. This is exactly where AG Aegis Company, Inc. can help. Established in northwest Pennsylvania in 1988, Aegis was founded on the principle of providing management and technical support to a variety of clients that were struggling with their environmental, health, and safety goals, as well as maintaining compliance with regulatory agencies.

Aegis professionals are often behind the scenes helping employers comply with regulations, implement environmental policies and protect workers’ safety. These industry experts have assisted lenders, manufacturers, commercial businesses, schools, hospitals, real estate developers, architects and engineering firms in over 20 states in handling all of their environmental and safety management functions, or supplementing their in-house programs on an as-needed basis. We enable clients the flexibility of outsourcing all environmental and safety management functions, or just supplementing in-house programs on as-needed basis. Regardless of project size or complexity, we are committed to providing exceptional services in a timely and cost-effective manner. We invite you to explore our capabilities or to contact us for information specific to your needs.

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AG Aegis Company, Inc.



We have worked with Aegis since acquiring our business in 2014. There have been plenty of business challenges in recent years. However, working with Aegis has not been one of these challenges. Aegis provides the professional services needed to maintain compliance with hazardous chemicals in the workplace. Most of all, their people are very nice to deal with.

Jason W.

Fabrication Company

We have been very pleased to work with Aegis. They have really helped us with all the regulations and permits needed to keep our business in compliance with NYS and Federal law. The staff is always knowledgeable, helpful, and pleasant to work with. We highly recommend their services!

Gary H.

Wood Furniture Manufacturer

We have been working with Aegis Company, Inc. for over a decade. They have organized our SDS sheets electronically which is so much more efficient than our old paper copies. They keep us up to date with our required safety training. We couldn’t be happier working with their terrific and knowledgeable staff. In this day in age when there are so many things that need to be completed, it is nice to know there is a reliable/experienced company to help keep us in compliance.

Renay P.

Forging Equipment

I have worked with the men and women from Aegis for 10 years now. They are very professional and knowledgeable. I have found them to be very helpful with being able to come into our small company and guide us through all our compliance issues. We have used them from the early onset of our company buying the property and developing our Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessments and up to present day developing our SDS/Sara/Tier II reports. Aegis has always been able to provide several different levels of service catering to our levels of need. I would recommend Aegis to anyone looking for a proactive company that ensures customer satisfaction and a company knowledgeable enough to help navigate the logistics of modern manufacturing.

Rob M.

Truck Body Manufacturer

The employer I work for has used Aegis Company for the entire 26 years of my employment. I have been the point of contact for all these years. Every Aegis staff member has always been prompt and courteous to answer any questions or concerns we may have as well as assist us in our specific needs. Besides the services we have used from year to year, they have introduced us to new services which we have added and have been very pleased. We have truly been blessed to be affiliated with a company that always provides such outstanding service. Thank you, Aegis, for making my job a little easier by helping me through these past 26 years.

Aggie K.


Aegis has been an integral part of our effort to safeguarding the health of our environment and employees. Their guidance has invaluable over the years of working with them.

Mark B.


Our company has been a longtime client of Aegis and we have no worries on any services they provide for us. They are always reliable and customer service is second to none.

Cory N.

Metal Parts Manufacturer

The friendly and proficient staff at AG Aegis has an in-depth knowledge of our needs and provide us with a great service; all the while easing any concerns we may have and answering questions in a kind and understanding manner. Dealing with regulatory agencies in this business can be tough, everyone at Aegis helps make this just a little easier on us.

Gina S.

Kitchen Design Company