Environmental Services

Aegis Company offers a wide range of environmental management services to meet all commercial and industrial needs, and can assure compliance with federal, state and local regulations.


Department of Homeland Security (DHS) - Chemical of Interest Reporting
Hazardous Chemical Inventory Reporting - Tier II
Hazardous Substance Survey Form - HSSF
Toxic Release Inventory Reporting - Form RApril 17, 2015 050 - 2

Storage Tanks:

Underground Storage Tank Remover (UMR) - PA Certified
Soil Excavation, Transport and Disposal


Compliance Monitoring and Reporting
Discharge Monitoring and Reporting
Permitting Wastewater Sampling and Analysis



Hazardous Waste Reporting
Landfill Approval, Transport and Disposal
Residual Waste Reporting
Waste Characterization
Waste Minimization


Building InspectionsApril 17, 2015 023 - 2
Operations and Maintenance Planning
Project Design and Oversight
Air Monitoring - Final Clearance Testing

Site Assessments:

Phase I and II Assessments
Drilling and Field Sampling
Monitoring Well Placement and Installation
Soil and Ground Water Remediation
Soil Excavation, Transport and Disposal



Permit Determinations
Permit Applications - General or Individual
Monitoring and Reporting
Sampling and Analysis

Compliance Audits:

Site and Facility Audits
Interpretation of Regulations
Recommendations for Corrective Action


Spill Planning:

SPCC Plans
Hazardous Waste Contingency Plans
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
Toxic Organic Management Plans
Waste Oil Burning Plans


Env - Soil Removal

Air Quality:

Emission Source Permit Determinations
State Permit Applications
Federal (Title V) Permit Applications
Annual Emissions Reporting
Compliance Reviews

 Demolition/Decommissioning:Env - Demo

Asbestos Inspection, Removal Oversite & Final Clearance Testing
Building and Structural
Equipment Removal
Environmental Remediation
Facility Closure - Cessation of Regulated Operations (CRO)
Project Management Oversite
Soil Excavation
Waste Management Services